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To Residential users:

Even though you use our site to check for DSL internet provider presense, and the results show you are qualified for service, to ensure you will receive the speed of the plan presented a final test at your premise needs to be completed before activating your service. 75% of the plan service level is the usual standard. This means if you request a service with a download speed = 3MB, the standard will be 75% of the 3MB, or about 2.25MB. This is why you first need to request service. After the request is received, a qualified technician from the requested service provider will contact you to complete the test.

Alternatively, some dsl providers will also offer a do-it-yourself "self-install" plan for a lower price option. In this case the provider will ship the required modem(s) and software and you DIY. Many providers will also activate on your personal modem and equipment, and in this case it can reduce your monthly rate by $2 - $4 (depending on the monthly modem lease fee). This means your equipment for connecting to the internet ,such as modem, with any particular provider will need to be compatible for use with their service. Make sure you read their system requirements.

To dedicated voice and data users of xdsl:

QoS, uptime and service level is quite different. Expect only the best pricing from DSL Experts.

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Unlike most digital subscriber line (dsl) and similar broadband technologies that are limited to densely populated areas, T1 internet is available to anyone just about anywhere with a telephone service line. T1, also known by Digital Signal-1 or DS1, uses repeaters to boost signal strength of the transmission - allowing it to travel up to 50 miles away from the nearest Central Office location. Our coverage area includes all of the following states:

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2015 DSL Experts

 Quantum DSL: DSL of the future.

Written by: DRTaylor - May 26, 2016

Tiny pulses of light information are encoded and stored in atoms. A device miles away decodes the quantum pulses of light into video, music, or an online library of information entirely from quantum atomic memory without wires. Quantum Entanglement at work. Could this be a sneak-preview of the dsl of the future?

Today the internet is transferred using pulses of light, but according to Oresundit, as the global internet traffic increases, the signals get weaker. The response time slows. More bits are prone to get lost. We will someday reach the limit for how much information the internet can optimally deliver using modern optic transfer, sending us back to a dial-up crawl.

Getting into incredible detail of what quantum dsl/ internet really is, you find what we may be networking on in the future is a quantum computer teleportation network. Teleportation & the Quantum Internet. (pdf)

The network would in some way resemble today's wireless network. The difference: manipulating atoms entangled with each other, or creating entanglements via links to atoms with entanglements.

Again, the question "Is the Quantum Internet Next?" is explored from beginning to end in cleoconference materials.

The age of information is in transition. How far into the future it is before we begin to use the Quantum Internet for accessing the world wide web is not as far away as you or I may think.